Product Brand Protection

We work hard to protect your brand’s online market reputation.
Universal Brands offers marketplace enforcement to thwart counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers. For example, ‘winning the buy box’ is a common term used in the Amazon marketplace.
At Universal Brands, we protect your rights as a seller by monitoring and removing all other unauthorized and counterfeit sellers trying to capitalize on your brand’s presence online.

MAP Compliance

Universal Brands monitors third party resellers selling your products and employs proven strategies to ensure compliance with all MAP policies across your brand’s products online.

24/7 Monitoring & Protection

Concerned about an unauthorized seller changing your title, images, title or product description without your permission? Or somebody hijacking your listing? What about a counterfeit seller? We use proven tools and proprietary tactics to actively monitor your online listings so we can act decisively to protect your brand. We assess countless hundreds keywords and search competitive listing to stay in touch and protect your brand.

Stopping Unauthorized Sellers

Universal Brands utilizes proven strategies to stop unauthorized and counterfeit sellers from pirating your brand’s online product listings.

Legal Support

If necessary, we engage seasoned attorneys to help protect your brand by keeping you keeping you free from hijackers, counterfeiters, MAP violators and price erosion.

Is Your Brand Is Danger?

If you are not in control of your online brand presence, you are taking an enormous unnecessary risk.

Counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers poison the Online marketplace by using unfair reckless tactics to try to win the buy box. These tactics if unchecked can cause significant damage to your brand and adversely impact your online brand presence.

Consider this perspective.

If you sell your product on different platforms, you’re at risk of your product being offered at different prices if you’re not careful. This opens the door for an unauthorized seller to circumvent your hard work by buying improperly and reselling your product online in violation of MAP policies to try to secure an unfair profit.

There's more....

Product reviews and customer satisfaction are a critical element to online success.
If your company does not have an effective strategy to protect your brand online, counterfeit sellers can create imitations of your product, hijack your listings without your consent, list inferior fake items at lower prices, and appear higher in rank due to lower prices (ie win the buy box because they undercutting your prices).
When negative consumer reviews unfairly blame your product, your brand’s online reputation suffers. Take a minute to reflect – how likely are you to buy a product with 1-star reviews?

Here are some examples of brands suffering from not being protected on Amazon:

How We Protect Your Brand
On Amazon

Your Brand Is Now Protected

By working with Universal Brands, you’re working alongside experienced online sellers and ecommerce specialists, that do whatever it takes to protect your brand online.

Dedicated To Protecting Your
Brand Online

The Growth & Dedication Speaks For Itself

Universal Brands is an all-in-one full-service agency partner dedicated to growing your brand across the world’s largest markets. By delivering more than $20,000,000 in online revenue,
Universal Brands has proven it has the vast experience necessary to deliver outstanding ecommerce success for your business.
We are your partner and trusted advisor when it comes to your brand and product. Our interests are well aligned so we are driven to deliver excellent results.

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