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Universal Brands is an all-in-one full-service agency partner dedicated to growing your brand across the world’s largest markets. By delivering more than $20,000,000 in online revenue, Universal Brands has proven it has the vast experience necessary to deliver outstanding ecommerce success for your business.
We are your partner and trusted advisor when it comes to your brand and product. Our interests are well aligned so we are driven to deliver excellent results.

Complete Amazon Account +
Growth Management

Branding Plan & Launch Sequence

Pricing Strategy

Account Setup & Listing Optimization

Product Ranking

Advertising Campaigns

Social Media Setup & Management

Fulfillment & Inventory Management

Customer Service

Review Generation

Brand Protection

Brand Growth Management

Product Sourcing & Development

Online selling is about keywords and showing your products to as many consumers as possible.

To put this into perspective, think about the shelves at your favorite retail store.

The more keywords your products rank for, the more shelf-space your products has, in a sense.

Search Results

You don’t want to be on page 1000 for your product’s keywords. Universal Brands leverages its proprietary e-commerce tools and advanced marketing strategies to get your product ranked high enough for consumers to see it. Most platforms have hundreds of data fields to optimize for each product listing that are constantly changing. By working with Universal Brands, you partner with experts to maximize your marketing dollars and accelerate sales growth.

Universal Brands:
Online Advertising Experts

Headline Search

Target By Keyword

Appear On Search Results

Sponsored Products

Target By Keyword

Appear On Search Results

Product Display

Target By Product Or Interest

Appear On Related Product Detail Page

Let Universal Brands solve your Amazon
Advertising problems:


70% of sellers waste money outside of their target market.

Competitor Analysis

We identify the keywords and budget your competitors use.

Data Analysis

Make decisions based on facts and data, not assumptions.


Transform advertising into investing. Get positive return on investment.

Product Images & Infographics

Capture the attention of potential customers with HD photography, and listing-optimized infographics. Images matter when it comes to clicks and conversions. Let Universal Brands make your products attractive.

Rank Higher

Strategic keyword placement is key to ranking high enough for customers to find your product. Our team uses tested keywords to optimize rankings for excellent organic search results.

Maximize Conversions

Our expert Amazon copywriters know how to sell products. Beautiful sales-inducing language converts on-page visitors into buyers.

Distinguish Your Brand

Professionally written copy blends emotional sales-inducing language with strategic keyword implementation.

Universal Brands conducts extensive product, market, and keyword research to get to know your ideal customer. Then we blend emotional sales-inducing language with the best relevant keywords for your product. Our proven approach maximizes your product visibility in search results and conversion rates.

Influential Product Title

Appear more in search and persuade consumers to click. Our team develops influential titles designed to maximize exposure and conversion.

Concise Bullet Points

Concisely designed bullet points highlight your product’s features and contribute to higher keyword rank and product listing exposure.

Exhaustive Keyword Report

We find the most relevant, high-opportunity terms for your product. Our team conducts extensive keyword research and integrates their findings into your listing.

Informational Product Description

Our team researches key factors your potential customers are seeking. Then we highlight their desires with your key product information and features in every listing.

Backend Search Terms

Most sellers do this poorly, but our team conducts thorough search term research so you get it right.

We Protect Your Brand

Universal Brands provides marketplace enforcement to prevent counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers from damaging your brand. We partner with you to protect your online brand presence and reputation.

MAP Compliance

We scan for MAP violations, attack perceived quality erosion and ensure pricing equity throughout the market.

24/7 Listing Monitoring

Universal Brands conducts constant monitoring of your online listings in real time. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Defending Against Un-Authorized Sellers

Implement proven strategies to identify, report and stop unauthorized online resellers that might damage your brand.

People and Software

Our team actively monitors your brand online to protect you from violators and price erosion.

Are you paying attention to
Online sales growth?

If you have a passive approach to selling online, you are wasting your money. By working with Universal Brands, you unlock the full potential of selling your product online.

Universal Brands is the only all-in-one full service agency partner dedicated to growing your brand across the world’s largest markets. By delivering more than $20,000,000 in online revenue, Universal Brands has proven it has the vast experience necessary to achieve outstanding e-commerce success.

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