Advertising Management

There are more than 50 million products for sale online – Amazon alone sells more than 10 million products — what can your company do to make your products stand out? If your business is not actively positioning its products to be found among those millions of products by consumers, you are missing sales opportunities and leaving an open door for your competitors.
More than 50% of businesses fail in the first two years, and this is one of the biggest reasons for online businesses. You do NOT have to suffer the same fate.
At Universal Brands, you have access to experts who can help with all of your advertising management. We will position your product with unique advantages and advertise your products in a way that will targeted traffic and conversions. We get your product listings in front of consumers who are ready to buy within your ad spend budget.

We Use Our Proven Proprietary Methods to
Attract & Convert Customers

Every product and business is unique so we don’t use standard formula-driven strategies. We design each advertising campaign specifically to your unique needs by conducting extensive research on your ideal customers, your product category, and the online market.
We don’t rely on “gut” or “feel”, but instead we use data to consistently measure results, make changes hen necessary, and do everything to ensure your ad campaigns drive results. Our tactics are time-tested and deliver results.

We deliver results for our clients.

Consistent Advertising Campaign Audits

Our team meticulously analyzes and measures your ad campaigns to determine what is working, what is not working well, and how to improve results. The goal is to pinpoint key areas to optimize your results and transform ad spending into ad investing! Our goal is to achieve targeted results and consistent improvement. We handle all of this for you and won’t stop until we deliver great results.

Meticulous Keyword Research

Optimizing keywords is important for delivering visibility of your products and the ultimate success of your campaigns . We sift through countless keywords to identify the best words that are popular in search and target your ideal customers. Then we weave the keywords effectively into your product and ad copy to increase the likelihood of each click leading to a conversion.

Efficient Keyword Bid Management

Few, if any, ad campaigns run by themselves or succeed if put on "auto-pilot". Successful campaigns require effective bidding strategies so our experts carefully monitor your bids to ensure your keywords have strong odds of winning visibility. Our goal is to deliver the highest visibility possible while maintaining the efficient levels of advertising cost so we generate as much profit as possible.

Ad Campaign Reports

We generate and review detailed reports and consistently measure performance across multiple aspects of your ad campaigns in order to deliver strong consistent results. We monitor daily, weekly and monthly performance and strive for continuous improvement. Our goal is to continue to deliver improving returns on ad spend.

Universal Brands is an all-in-one full-service agency partner dedicated to growing your brand across the world’s largest markets. By delivering more than $20,000,000 in online revenue, Universal Brands has proven it has the vast experience necessary to deliver outstanding ecommerce success for your business.
We are your partner and trusted advisor when it comes to your brand and product. Our interests are well aligned so we are driven to deliver excellent results.

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