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Universal Brands is the only all-in-one full service agency partner dedicated to growing your brand across the world’s largest markets. By delivering more than $20,000,000 in online revenue, Universal Brands has proven it has the vast experience necessary to achieve outstanding eCommerce success.

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The Blueprint


This is where it all begins. Universal Brands will ask the right questions to learn about your product, including features, strengths, weaknesses and more. Then we will search the market to analyze your competition, determine differences, and identify opportunities to help make your product distinctive. Next we will develop a branding strategy and message theme for your product, which is followed by our defining a detailed launch strategy and execution plan. Our goal is to strategically position your product and brand above the competition by targeting opportunities to distinguish your product in even the most competitive markets.
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Once we have a strategy for your target market and audience, we review and assess the market prices that give your product and brand the best chance for success. Our consultants ask the right questions to determine whether to focus on volume or margin, on market penetration or quality leadership. Our goal is to strategically position your product and brand so customers are happy to pay for the value they receive so you can retain them for future new or repeat products sales.


Universal Brands will determine which online channels are best for your product and brand, depending on the price, quality, strategy, and life cycle of your product. Then we will setup seller accounts on each platform with professional product listings that include product details, approved images for the platform, and detailed content designed to inform and attract customers. * Then we make sure each listing has optimized key words, and the most profitable logistics plan for your product, including in-bound shipping, storage and fulfillment shipping. Our goal is to ensure your listing is attractive, informative, compliant with channel listing rules, and mindful of fulfillment costs and profit.
* (we also develop and setup enhanced brand content for sellers with appropriate patent and trademark rights, or we pursue those rights for you)


On most platforms, if you’re not on page 1 for your most important keywords, you’re missing out on sales. Universal Brands team of consultants has successfully launched dozens of products on page 1 of popular channel search results for competitive and high-traffic keywords. Our goal is to leveraging our proprietary launch and ranking strategies to give your brand and product the best chance for success.


At Universal Brands, you have access to experts who can help with your platform advertising management. We utilize extensive category and keyword research, enticement wording designed to trigger appealing mental and emotional images, and machine learning to advertise your products in a way that will drive targeted traffic and generate sales conversions. Our goal is to get your listings in front of consumers who are ready to buy while maintaining a keen focus on ad budgets and profits.


At Universal Brands, you have access to experts who can help with your social media platform setup and management. This is an important part of managing your brand and product listings because we help you connect with and relate to your customers. Our goal is to make your company relevant and responsive on key social media platforms to establish credibility, improve customer relations, communicate the planned message to the market and distinguish your brand from other brands that do NOT have a local presence.


Universal Brands provides thoughtful and strategic consideration for the various methods of delivering your product to customers with a keen focus on costs and profits. Many companies spend too much in this area and leave precious profits behind. We analyze the market, create a heat-map for your customer base, and optimize receiving, storage, and delivery options for your brand. Our goal is to be cost-efficient while providing the fast delivery that customers demand.


Universal Brands provides the timely and effective customer service needed for your brand and product. Our team understands how to handle and nurture customers. Whether answering product questions, arranging for special circumstances, or handling customer problems, our experience with serving and delivering customer solutions can be the difference between keeping a customer and losing a sale. Our goal is to provide excellent service to all customers so they love their experience and return to buy in the future.


Universal Brands understands the value of a happy customer and how they can impact other potential buyers. Fake reviews hurt good brands and can result in having seller privileges revoked. Our team draws from our extensive experience pursuing and capturing genuine organic customer reviews so that our customers enjoy the benefits of a satisfied customer and build their brand on a strong foundation. Our goal is to give every customer the chance to share their experience so your brand grows with the help of your customers.


Universal Brands provides marketplace enforcement to remove counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers and partners with you to reclaim your brand’s presence and reputation on Amazon. Universal Brands is the only Amazon consulting agency that can guarantee removal of 3rd party unauthorized and counterfeit sellers on the world’s largest marketplace.


Growth Management is one measure of success for your brand. The team at Universal Brands never stops asking an important question: How can we increase your brand’s sales online? We are your partner and trusted advisor when it comes to your brand and product. Our interests are well aligned so we are driven to deliver excellent results. We handle almost everything so you don't have to as we help you make sense of the online market ecosystem, identify new ways to reach new customers, to generate more sales and drive powerful results.

We are online
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The Universal Brands mission is to deliver consistent profitable growth for your brand by utilizing proprietary operational marketing strategies and time-tested proprietary e-commerce tools.
Our entire Universal Brands team is dedicated to raising your brand above the millions of other sellers in the marketplace through massive action, consistent assessment, and constant optimization activities.

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We Deliver Online Sales and Profits

Universal Brands has delivered millions in online sales and higher profits for our partner companies

Low-Risk Opportunity to Increase Profits

Universal Brands takes your product to the market strategically so you don't take big risks with large inventories.

Universal Brands is Your Full-Service Partner

We handle everything including branding and launch sequence, pricing, account set-up, optimized product listings, ad campaigns, social media, fulfillment, customer service, reviews and more.

Performance-Based Pricing

We don't get paid unless we generate sales for your brand and product

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